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    Default VP-200 Questions

    I'm reaching out to other VP200 owners for some potential info and help. I bought my system quite a while back and have now completed the build and have encountered a few things that I'm not sure about.

    First I'm seeing approximately 10.3V on the 14V regulated pin J4-7 with engine off and about 12.7 with engine running, is this something others have seen?

    Second main battery voltage always seems to show on the display as .5 - 1 volt lower than actual battery voltage

    When I set the boost pump device with a prime soft key it works to monetarily run the pump but after I exit and cycle power the soft key is there but doesn't work. I do have boost on switch 1 of he switch panel as on-off but it doesn't show a "switch inhibit" when I press the prime soft key

    Any feedback would be appreciated

    Marc if you're still out there any help would be really great


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    I'll do my best to recall the answers to your questions.

    The regulated pin provides 14 volts when installed on a 28v aircraft. On a 14v aircraft you will have slightly lower voltage because of the regulator circuitry. So whatever is on this pin should not be sensitive to slightly lower voltage.

    The voltage displayed for the second battery may be lower if the sense wire is connected to a place where there is a load or maybe a loose connection. Normally though it will be slightly lower, maybe 0.5v.

    The boost pump switch assignment should be set to auto-on (not off-on) so it can be used with the prime button and operates correctly when turned on as part of the mode switching logic. Typically the boost pump for a Lycoming is turned on for TO and Landing modes.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the response, I stated the second question poorly. The low voltage is on the main battery, using second for the second question was a poor choice of words on my part

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