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    Default This forum for software developers

    We've decided to publish the VP-X interfaces to make the product more accessible and interesting to many of our customers who have a software development background.

    These interfaces are not intended to be used by individuals without a software development background. All of the configuration can be done through the EFIS display or the VP-X Configurator, and the product is intended to be used with an EFIS in the aircraft.

    More information and the dev files can be found here:

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    Thumbs up Thank You


    Very professional package, clear and complete documentation, nice demo program.
    You made one happy camper
    Congrats to you and your team.
    Now I have a good excuse to put that rivet gun down and spend more time on my computer


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    Default Message Checksums

    Nice ICD however I do have one question. In section 4.1.3 where you document the checksum, the verbage isn't quite clear. Specifically when you say "... OR'ing all other bytes in the packet." Other bytes with respect to what? In the code fragment, are you saying to XOR all of the bytes in the message or only the payload? From the fragment, it isn't clear. Is cnt set to the total message size, message size - 1 (CS not included), or only the payload? Does data[] contain only the payload or the whole message? When computing the CS for error detection, is the CS value included in the computation? I would hope that the whole message is CSed so that errors could be detected in the header as well as in the payload.

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    The checksum is computed for all the bytes in the message packet including the header bytes. So for a given packet, all the bytes in the packet are or'd and compared against the checksum value.

    Thanks for the feedback, we will clarify the ICD on this point.

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    All the links for software configurator and documentation at are broken; are the configurator and docs still available?

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    Should be working now.

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