Frequently Asked Questions

    Here's the answers to some common questions about Vertical Power products.

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    What is an electronic circuit breaker?
    An electronic circuit breaker, or ECB, is a “smart” solid-state circuit breaker with the switching function built in. An ECB can be monitored at all times and give the user information that no other type of breaker or fuse can do.
    Will the VP-X save me time?
    Will the VP-X save me money?
    Can the VP-X power a 28 volt system?
    How reliable is the VP-X?
    Who is Astronics and how long will the VP-X be around?
    The number of circuits in the unit isn’t enough. How will it work for me?
    Can I use two batteries? Can I use two alternators?
    How is the VP-X “programmed”?
    How are the electronic circuit breakers reset?
    I have a very simple airplane, is this overkill for me?
    I have a very complex airplane, can the VP-X handle my requirements?