Help and Support

    Two-Year Warranty

    Two-Year Warranty

    Vertical Power products are covered by a two-year warranty from the date of purchase, covering parts and labor. Go to the Documents page to view the complete warranty statement.
    Free Overnight Shipping

    Free Overnight Shipping

    Free next business day shipping (within the continental United States) of replacement parts if failure of the Vertical Power System grounds you while away from home. If outside the continental US, contact factory for rapid service response.
    Free Technical Support

    Free Technical Support

    Technical and customer support is available via phone or email during normal business hours, Central Standard Time (CST). Visit our Contact page.
    Comprehensive Product Documentation

    Comprehensive Product Documentation

    Get comprehensive installation manuals, wiring diagrams, and "how-to" guides from our Documents page.
    Software Upgrades

    Software Upgrades

    No-charge software upgrades can be downloaded from our Software page.
    Product Returns for Service

    Product Returns for Service

    To return a system for service, please contact Vertical Power Support to obtain an RMA number and an RMA form. Please print out the RMA form and include it with you shipment to the factory.

    Wiring Checklist

    Review the following list to be sure you've included everything in your electrical system planning:
    • Alternator field
    • Backup alternator field
    • Starter
    • Pitch trim
    • Roll trim
    • Yaw trim
    • Flaps
    • EFIS
    • Backup EFIS
    • Backup battery for EFIS
    • Radios/Nav/GPS
    • Audio panel/intercom
    • Transponder
    • Autopilot
    • Avionics fan
    • Defrost fan
    • CO Detector
    • XM Weather receiver
    • AOA or stall warning
    • Manifold pressure sensor
    • Engine monitor
    • Cabin lights
    • Panel lights
    • Seat heaters
    • Landing light(s)
    • light(s)
    • Strobe lights
    • Nav lights
    • Fuel boost pump
    • Electronic ignition
    • Hobbs meter
    • Music player, DVD, etc.
    • Smoke system
    • Power outlets
    • Headset power
    • Microswitches for doors, canopy, etc.

    Builder Education Resources

    • FAA Advisory Circular AC 43.13, Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Inspection and Repair available from
    • FAA Advisory Circular AC 23.1311, Installation of Electronic Display in Part 23 Airplanes, available from

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