Software Updates

    Software Notice

    With experimental software you should always do your own flight testing in VFR conditions until you are satisfied with the software’s stability and functionality.

    Software for VP-X (Pro and Sport)

    VP-X Firmware

    VP-X Firmware

    There are no updates available at this time.
    VP-X Configurator Application

    VP-X Configurator Application

    Version 1.6.0 released May 13, 2013

    VP-X Configurator Release Notes

    The VP-X Configurator Release Notes provide instructions for installing, using, and troubleshooting the VP-X Configurator Application. It also provides instructions for updating VP-X firmware.

    NOTE:  BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE CONFIGURATOR, please download and follow the update instructions in the Release Notes.

    Rev. B, updated August 5, 2020

    VP-X Configurator Installer

    To instal the VP-X Configurator Application, click the button below to download and run the VP-X Configurator Installer.